How to keep your computer safe online: Misunderstandings about Online Security

Many computer users long to keep their PC safe. It seems impossible to imagine this dream. Can you protect your PC with just a few steps? There are still a few misunderstandings computer users don’t understand. This is why I urge you to rethink it and avoid making the same mistakes again. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

Online Security: Misunderstandings

Your computer will become more susceptible to virus infection the longer you are online. Hackers can cause many problems to your computer by finding security holes in it. You may notice a slowdown in your computer’s performance, a crash or theft of your private information. It is important to remember that many people take computer security for granted. They often misunderstand the following three aspects of computer online security:

No. 1. I don’t connect to any other internet so I can surf the net safely.

It is essential that you have internet access in order to surf the web. You can still use your laptop to surf the net, but there are still points between your laptop’s computer and the one in Business Internet Central. I am referring to the fact that your laptop is susceptible to viruses and you cannot keep them out by telling yourself “I have not connected with other internet”. It is a fact that once you surf on the net, your computer has become part of the larger computer family. An example: Your computer may be attacked for up to 3-5 times per day if you are connected to the internet by cable modern or DSL.

No. 2 I use the dial-up network, so I’m safe online.

You’re wrong to think that dial-up networking makes you safe. Your IP address changes each time you dial-up to surf on the internet. It is difficult for hackers to access your machine and attack it, even though dial-up networks make it very difficult. However, hackers can surf thousands of IP addresses in a matter of hours, making you still very dangerous online.

No. The 3 Fire Wall is great, and I don’t need any other security tools for my computer.

You are probably thinking in a very incomplete way. Fire Wall is not without its disadvantages. Fire Wall will protect your computer against bad attacks. Fire Wall needs to be updated regularly and patch bugs in order for it to work at its best. Fire Wall can block only a small portion of internet-based attacks. Fire Wall will not be able to stop all virus and spyware attacks.

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